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Image to idea: "chega de enchentes" Image to idea: "chega de enchentes"

Em pontos estratégicos as águas pluviais poderiam ser captadas, evitando o alagamento de zonas mais baixas.

posted by Tomas Faria
date 13.jan.2011
status undone
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Especialmente interessante....ideia essa que pode ser aplicada às usinas hidroelétricas
comment by Marcos de Paiva
But stored water should afterwards be sent (pink arrows) downhill (to the right) - USE gravity instead of working against it = less waste
comment by Abraham Coetzee
Cool, thanks for the tip Abraham !
comment by Tomas Faria
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comment by yanhuaz
Pleasure Tomas. A similar concept in permaculture is swales, where the water is captured and slowly spreads along the land's contour li
comment by Abraham Coetzee