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Image to idea: "Donate Words | Doe Palavras" Image to idea: "Donate Words | Doe Palavras"

A platform to send messages of willpower to oncology patients, through a website or Twitter. Messages are shown on TVs at the hospital #ci

posted by Guilherme Araujo
date 15.oct.2010
status done More info
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comment by josep
Fenomenal. Um projeto que só dá alegria para todos que fazem parte dele.
comment by Tiago Pereira
Inspirador! Que as relações humanas e sua melhoria sejam cada vez mais foco de ações inovadoras!
comment by Thiago Caixeta
Really cool idea. Wish this was truly adopted and maybe even used in more places other than hospitals. I say everyone needs more willpower!
comment by Gabriela Borges
I really like this idea! It would also to be cool to be able to upload images or works of art drawn by childeren, etc.
comment by Long Kounthapanya