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Image to idea: "collage kits" Image to idea: "collage kits"

a website that resells scrap pieces of junk mail and art to be used in collaging and craft materials -- recycle, reuse and inspire!

posted by Chris Tabor
date 03.nov.2010
status undone
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it would be great to have foreign publications and their fragments in local artworks
comment by Eduardo Araújo
definitely, juxtaposing different contexts would be inspiring and maybe allow us to learn something new about different cultures
comment by Chris Tabor
I can see this as a site devoted to this niche, but it's hard for me not to think that ebay already does this pretty well.
comment by William Roth
I don't know if you could use the art in those publications.. The people that use the art had to pay for them as it is....
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comment by pipo