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Image to idea: "rss bankline" Image to idea: "rss bankline"

Banks should provide a secret RSS channel that shows the last transactions and total balance of our bank account.

posted by Bruno Dias
date 13.nov.2010
status undone
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Something like www.yourbank.com/rss/c29bb9928deda29064443 ... I think it's a great and easy way to keep updated about personal spending
comment by Bruno Dias
Very dangerous idea!
comment by Gezim Hoxha
Sounds very dangerous indeed. In the end, nothing is secret on the internet.
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comment by Raf
RSS can not be personal.. plus if your pc would be stolen, your information is on the street. Dangerous!
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comment by pipo
In Poland most of banks offer an SMS service which sends you a text after each transaction with the transaction amount and current balance
comment by Maciej Stempniak
Well, i have free email notification each day. Poland, mbank.pl. Oh there is also free SMS service for most important changes + paid version
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comment by Fester