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Image to idea: "InVenture" Image to idea: "InVenture"

InVenture holistically InVests in female entrepreneurs providing flexible capital to help communities lift themselves out of poverty.

posted by LiAnn Ishizuka
date 16.jun.2011
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Image to idea: "green villages" Image to idea: "green villages"

Cars do not need to go to every corner of the city. We need less asphalt and more green between the constructions. #humanity

posted by Tomas Faria
date 30.nov.2010
status undone
Image to idea: "GeoCanvas, Christina Oiticica" Image to idea: "GeoCanvas, Christina Oiticica"

Invite nature to be an artist in 4 canvas around the world. The parts can be seen together in a website, as one single masterpiece. #ci

posted by Guilherme Araujo
date 19.oct.2010
status being done
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Image to idea: "public umbrellas" Image to idea: "public umbrellas"

Too many people get wet because of unexpected storms. Public umbrellas would solve that problem.

posted by Bruno Dias
date 11.nov.2010
status undone
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Image to idea: "Socialize orphans" Image to idea: "Socialize orphans"

Allow any kind of couples to adopt children, and also give tax benefits to those who do. Love + Birth control + LGBT rights = Less orphans

posted by Flávio Chubes
date 26.jan.2011
status undone
Image to idea: "Jukebox Live" Image to idea: "Jukebox Live"

One travelling vintage jukebox that plays an international playlist made online on the site. for an unexpected worldwide music experience.

posted by Fabiana Soares
date 17.may.2011
status undone
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Image to idea: "Nosewritten" Image to idea: "Nosewritten"

Type traced with no hands, using an app that tracks nose movements. Inspired by children with physical disabilities. #uniquetypes #cc

posted by Tiago Pereira
date 07.dez.2010
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