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Image to idea: "pare / stop" Image to idea: "pare / stop"

No Brasil algumas vezes PARE=acelera.Um pequeno truque de perspectiva pode aumentar a atençao a sinalizaçao de parada obrigatoria .

posted by Tomas Faria
date 20.jun.2011
status undone
Image to idea: "City Love Garden " Image to idea: "City Love Garden "

A city map to locate trees which you can carve something about love into them.

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posted by Rodrigo Moreira
date 19.oct.2010
status undone
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Image to idea: "iGlasses" Image to idea: "iGlasses"

iPhone controlled glasses that mimic contents of iPhone. Private/Hands free. Earbud attachment and web cam for external "live surroundings".

posted by Gary S
date 20.jan.2011
status undone
Image to idea: "dog zone" Image to idea: "dog zone"

an application that allows me to view and mark my territory on Google maps.

posted by Amou Abdulh Au'Au
date 07.dez.2010
status undone
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Image to idea: "Vacancy parking for you" Image to idea: "Vacancy parking for you"

A system that tells you were to park hight at an entrance of a parking lot, at a mall, in real time. Shown by many totens displays.

posted by Henrique C T Costa
date 22.oct.2010
status being done
Image to idea: "Rolling Streets" Image to idea: "Rolling Streets"

People would walk more than they drive if there were moving walkways above the streets, all along its whole path. #rollingstreets

posted by Izabela
date 11.nov.2010
status done
Image to idea: "Truth Machine" Image to idea: "Truth Machine"

A truth machine based on cerebral activation pattern. Persons that tell truth have lower activation pattern since only memory is used.

posted by biotele
date 09.feb.2011
status being done More info
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