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tag: iphone
Image to idea: "iGame - a dock for iPhone4" Image to idea: "iGame - a dock for iPhone4"

A dock for gaming enthusiasts to iPhone 4. Reminding the old psp and gameboy. Can you imagine playing pokemon yellow on your mobile?

date 13.jul.2011
status undone More info
Image to idea: "iGlasses" Image to idea: "iGlasses"

iPhone controlled glasses that mimic contents of iPhone. Private/Hands free. Earbud attachment and web cam for external "live surroundings".

posted by Gary S
date 20.jan.2011
status undone
Image to idea: "Easy Pay App" Image to idea: "Easy Pay App"

An app that reads barcodes and allows you to pay the bills directly on your iPhone.

posted by Eduardo Araújo
date 19.oct.2010
status undone
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Image to idea: "TV Remote" Image to idea: "TV Remote"

Create an iPhone app to change TV channels.

posted by Guilherme Araujo
date 19.oct.2010
status undone
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