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Denise Pacheco Panisset
Image to idea: "Delay = Miles" Image to idea: "Delay = Miles"

Oblige aviation companies to give compensation in Miles to its passengers with delayed flights. Maybe 1.000 miles per hour lost.

date 20.nov.2010
status undone
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Image to idea: "Dumb-Proof Election" Image to idea: "Dumb-Proof Election"

To run a country, state or city, the candidate has to pass a test with all kinds of subjects. Only the best graded would go to public vote.

date 24.oct.2010
status undone
Image to idea: "Minimum Waste Shower" Image to idea: "Minimum Waste Shower"

A home shower that only works if it senses a person's weight. To keep the temperature stable it would have a thermostat.

date 24.oct.2010
status undone
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