What Is Wrong With American Airlines Website? Find Out Here!

July 18, 2023
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Are you a frequent traveler? If so, then you know how important it is to have an easy and efficient way of booking flights.

Unfortunately, American Airlines doesn't quite measure up in this area. Their website is outdated and slow-loading, making navigation a frustrating experience. You can never seem to find the information you need or get through the process quickly enough.

It's like they don't want you to be free! Let's take a closer look at what exactly is wrong with American Airlines website that prevents users from getting the freedom they desire.

Quick Essential Highlights

  • The American Airlines website is outdated and slow-loading, making completing transactions nearly impossible and eroding customer trust
  • Poor navigation and missing information, such as unclear content and lack of features, make it difficult for customers to find what they're looking for without extensive digging or consulting customer service representatives
  • The unintuitive interface design and confusing layout make it difficult to locate information quickly or easily, risking the loss of potential customers to competitors
  • Inconsistent ticket confirmation emails and intermittent navigation hiccups can lead to incorrect bookings, and the lack of information about baggage costs, airport amenities, and other related services further detract from customer satisfaction and loyalty. American Airlines needs to update their platform if they want to compete with other airlines in terms of customer experience.

Outdated Design

You won't believe how outdated American Airlines' website design is! The user experience, as well as the visual design, both leave a lot to be desired. The site looks like something from over a decade ago and doesn't provide the same contemporary feel of other airline websites.

Navigation can be difficult and there's no clear indication of where to find information or purchase tickets. Even after you've found what you're looking for, it doesn't always load quickly. In an age when convenience is everything, this kind of antiquated design could cost them customers in the long run.

What's worse than an outdated website? Slow loading times that make completing transactions nearly impossible. No one wants to spend their valuable time waiting on webpages to load, and it can be incredibly irritating when they don't.

American Airlines needs to update their platform if they want to compete with other airlines in terms of customer satisfaction and loyalty. Otherwise, they risk losing out on potential customers who may opt for another airline instead.

Slow Loading Times

Frustratingly, the loading times on the American Airlines website can be incredibly slow. This makes it difficult to accomplish tasks in a timely manner. The poor user experience is compounded by booking issues that can often arise as a result of the platform's sluggishness. Such problems include:

  • Inability to access flight information quickly
  • Difficulty in finding and reserving flights
  • Unreliable payment processing due to slow response times
  • Inconsistent ticket confirmation emails
  • Intermittent navigation hiccups which can lead to incorrect bookings.

The long loading times and unreliable navigation not only erode customer trust but also create an obstacle for people who may be looking for freedom from their daily routines through travel. It's essential that American Airlines address these issues if it wants customers to stick with its service and have confidence when booking future trips.

Poor Navigation

Navigating the platform can be incredibly difficult, making it hard to complete tasks in a timely manner. The layout of American Airlines' website is confusing and often leads to difficult searches that take longer than they should. Even if you know exactly what you're looking for, finding your way around the site can be tricky.

This lack of intuitive navigation results in a frustrating experience and makes the user feel like their time's being wasted. To make matters worse, it's often hard to find the information you need without having to search through multiple pages or click on irrelevant links.

Moving on from this poor navigation, it's also common for users to encounter missing information when trying to book flights or complete other tasks.

Missing Information

Sadly, it's common to find missing information when trying to book flights or complete other tasks on the American Airlines website. This lack of clarity can be frustrating for users, and has been a source of criticism.

Here are three ways in which the website fails to provide all the necessary information:

1) Unclear content - many pages feature long blocks of text that appear to be written by legal teams as opposed to content writers.

2) Lack of features - some important functions such as seat selection do not appear during the booking process.

3) Missing details - there is a lack of information about baggage costs, airport amenities, and other related services.

These shortcomings make it difficult for customers to find what they're looking for without extensive digging or consulting customer service representatives. As a result, many users are left feeling confused and overwhelmed with their options, creating an unhelpful experience overall.

To further complicate things, American Airlines' interface design is also unintuitive and difficult to navigate—a topic we will explore next.

Unintuitive Interface

You may find it difficult to understand the American Airlines website's interface, as it can be confusing and unhelpful. With a lackluster experience, the layout of the site can be quite confusing.

It is difficult to locate the information you need quickly or easily. Even when you do figure out how to navigate through the site, its lack of intuitive structure makes it hard to remember where everything is located. This leads to frustration and a feeling of being trapped in an endless sea of menus with no clear way out.

The American Airlines website could benefit from a more intuitive structure that would make it easier for users to find what they are looking for without having to wander through multiple pages in search of their desired destination. A simplified layout and better organization would help create an overall smoother user experience that would save time and energy both for customers and American Airlines personnel alike.

Frequently Asked Questions

What steps has American Airlines taken to improve their website?

American Airlines has taken strides to improve their website, focusing on user experience and website design. You'll find a modernized look, more intuitive navigation, and an overall enjoyable journey. Experience the freedom of effortless travel with American Airlines today!

How often does American Airlines update their website?

American Airlines updates their website regularly to ensure the best site usability and navigation. Enjoy freedom of use with frequent changes that make your experience better each time!

Are there any features or services that American Airlines does not offer on their website?

American Airlines' website lacks user feedback and innovative design, making it difficult to find the features and services you need. You deserve a website that makes your freedom easier to access.

How does American Airlines protect customer data on their website?

American Airlines takes every necessary security measure to ensure your data is safe. They use state-of-the-art technology to protect against data breaches and keep you secure. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with flying American Airlines.

Does American Airlines provide customer support related to their website?

Yes, American Airlines offers customer support related to their website. Their team can help with website design and technical issues, giving you the freedom to make the best decisions for your online experience.


It's clear that American Airlines' website is in need of an upgrade.

From outdated design to slow loading times, poor navigation, missing information, and an unintuitive interface, it's no surprise that customers are frustrated.

The airline needs to take action quickly if they want to remain competitive in the industry.

It's time for them to invest in a modern website that meets customer expectations and offers a great user experience.

Let's hope they make the changes soon!

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