Best Consulting Website Design Inspiration & Templates 2020

April 7, 2020
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Best Consulting Website Design Inspiration & Templates 2020

The 7 Best Consulting Website Designs and Templates in 2020

Creating the most effective, cheapest, and responsive website for your consulting company is difficult.

Creating one with little to no coding or SEO-knowledge is even harder. The solution?

Find a Website Design Template or Inspiration for your Consulting company!

But wait- before you go out and search for them, check out our list of recommendations for the best consulting website design templates.

We searched the web through hundreds of great templates and inspiration, and we want to share it to help save you some time.



What Makes a Good Consulting Website Design?

For your consulting company, you need to make sure your website reflects professionalism, cleanliness, and trust.

Colour psychology is a great way to invoke feelings of trust and professionalism- for example, the colour blue.

Using a blue and white theme has an effect of transparency, trust, and officialness. Black is a great way of creating the impression of solidarity and achieving results.

In addition, you need to ensure your website is particularly well-articulated.

  • Make sure that the menu links are self-explanatory and straight to the point
  • Ensure that there is a good contrast between fonts and backgrounds
  • Have a search feature for users looking for something in particular
  • Make it easy to find your prices
  • Make sure your contact information is on a dedicated page, and the landing page


1) ColorLib Themes: Buson

Buson is a great theme for consultancies- they are simplistic in the range of colours used, and they highlight the main call-to-action at the top of the page.

  • Cheap; licence can be extended for a small fee
  • Call-to-Action Highlighted
  • Content marketing via an integrated blog
  • Sticky navigation
  • Contact information displayed at the top of the page
  • HTML5 tag knowledge needed for extra enhancement
  • Video sliders unsupported for background usage


Link to Template Here.


2) Metro's Business Consultancy (HTML5)

The especially clean layout of this template makes it perfect for a consulting company. Any text is written will stand out- so this gives you a great opportunity to sell yourself.

  • Highly responsive layout and internal structure
  • 8 pre-made pages
  • Content marketing via an integrated blog
  • CSS and Javascript plugins available
  • Mobile-optimised
  • SEO-optimised
  • Faster loading time
  • Less room for personal customisation as most pre-made pages can't be altered much
  • Image heavy; images needed to create maximum impact from this template


Any call-to-action made on this site layout will be received loud and clear, so we highly recommend this style for any company that has been advertising their services externally- people will know a bit about your company before arriving on the site, so their next move will likely be to get in touch.


Link to Template Here.


3) Nasiha Business Solutions (HTML5)

Nasiha is a highly extensive theme which gives you a vast amount of room for personalisation.

There are loads of pre-made pages to choose from, variations of pages, code compatibility integrated, and it is SEO-friendly by default.

  • SEO-friendly
  • 19+ pre-made pages (15+ inner pages, 2 home page variations, 2 service page variations)
  • Content marketing via an integrated blog
  • Pre-made blog pages
  • Google map in contact page
  • Cross-browser compatibility
  • Speed optimised
  • FREE Icon packs and Google Fonts
  • Portfolio-style design focused
  • HTML files included, shortcode knowledge needed to utilise these
  • Text-heavy


This theme is more focused on text and content, rather than images. This means that it is better suited to consulting companies or law firms- rather than other types of businesses.


Link to Template Here.


4) ElegantThemes: Lucidity

Lucidity is a clean, modern, and elegant template for your consultancy. It has a way of drawing in your potential customers, and cleverly- the colour psychology used has that very effect.

  • High-contrast for impactful messages
  • Sticky contact information and social media links
  • Clean design, clean fonts
  • Call-to-action highlighted in menu
  • Section-based text to avoid bombarding users with lots of words
  • Dedicated testimonials section for social proof
  • Cross-browser compatibility
  • Transition effects for smoothness
  • Less room for personalisation
  • Image-heavy; need to use licence for images to use or take your own pictures


Lucidity is great for business consultants, as it gives off a vibe of being fresh, relevant, and effective to all people. The design of the website itself appeals to all users, so it's a great way of reflecting your work as a business.

Little coding knowledge is required to bring the best out of this theme, so it's great for beginners or even businesses who don't want to spend too much time on the site design.

You have more time to spend with clients, and less time spent on designing your site.


Link to Template Here.


5) ColorLib: Lawride

This theme is perfect for consulting businesses who have done a lot of external advertising. People who arrive on your site will straight away be able to see:

  1. Social proof- past client feedback
  2. Contact Information
  3. Who you are

If you're advertising enough to bring customers to the site, this template will win them over with simplicity, and pretty much getting to the point.

  • High social proof focus
  • Call-to-action is the central focus of the site
  • Contact information is well highlighted
  • Social proof boxes; aesthetically pleasing
  • Uniform theme
  • Professional appearance; fewer colours and images
  • Text-based; can be "boring" due to the lack of variety in colours and images
  • Newsletter subscription form is unnecessary and irrelevant for modern-day online businesses


Link to Template Here.


6) WordPress Template: Consulting

Consulting is a theme specifically designed for consulting companies: it highlights the aims and achievements of your company, highlights a call-to-action, and quickly provides contact details.

  • Optimised for WordPress
  • Header and sidebar builders (variety of options available)
  • Floating header design
  • Image slider for maximum impact
  • Speed optimised
  • Rated EnvatoThemes "Most Wanted Winner" amongst all business templates
  • Static; fewer transition effects available due to speed optimisation

The Consulting theme is created specifically for Consulting/Finance companies, as it is heavily text-based and highlights your primary call to action.

This template is designed for WordPress sites.


Link to Template Here.


7) TemplateMonster: Legalor

Legalor is a theme that suits professional practices such as law firms and other consultancies well. The colours are quite monotone, and the structure revolves around text rather than images.

  • Tile style layout to display company services
  • Monotone theme; professional appearance
  • Textually focused
  • Easy contact details
  • Less visual; less inclusion of pictures
  • Can be difficult to navigate for users who are searching for something quickly


The Legalor theme is great for anyone who wishes to describe their company's services in depth.

With heavy textual focus, your users are given a lot of information about you as an organisation, which makes it great for an e-profile or if you aren't advertising elsewhere.


Link to Template Here.



How Do I Make My Consulting Site?

These templates and themes are guaranteed to be suited to your consulting business as effectively as possible.

We highly recommend keeping contact details and testimonials as a central focus of your website, and not keeping too many pages in the site itself.

A good way to structure the pages hierarchy (and navigation) for your consulting site is as follows:

  • Home Page: Sections- what you Do, why it will help the client and past testimonials
  • Services Page: In depth descriptions of services and variations of services
  • Contact Page: How clients can get in touch, and where you're based (if you have a physical branch)
  • Careers (optional): This is useful if you're recruiting


There are many online website builders including Wix, Weebly, MoonFruit, and more who are great for helping people of all skill levels to design their own sites.



Have a look at our other posts for more readings on how to make the perfect e-commerce site, how to build a website based on your organisation sector, the best website builders, and other recommendations on website templates and inspiration.

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