How To Find Color Code On Website? Find Out Here!

June 20, 2023
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Are you looking to get the perfect color for your website design? Have you been trying to find the right color code but just can't seem to locate it?

You're in luck! This article will show you exactly how to do it. With a few simple steps, you can be on your way to finding the exact color code that you need and unlocking creative freedom.

So, let's get started and see how easy it is!

Quick Essential Highlights

  • There are multiple types of color codes used on websites, such as hex codes and RGB codes.
  • Online color pickers can be used to find exact hex codes and compare colors.
  • The website code can be inspected for alternate solutions and different color formats.
  • Third-party software can be helpful for additional features and support, but may also come with dependencies and security risks.

Identifying the Color Code Type

Let's figure out what type of color code we're dealing with! Knowing the type of code is essential before customizing colors and selecting shades on a website. Many websites use hexadecimal (hex) codes, which are composed of six characters that combine letters and numbers.

RGB codes use three values to denote red, green, and blue levels in a color, while CMYK uses four values for cyan, magenta, yellow, and black levels. It's important to know which system is used to avoid confusion when customizing colors online.

In addition to these commonly used systems, there are other color codes like HSL (hue saturation lightness) or HWB (hue whiteness blackness). While it doesn't matter as much for smaller projects, it helps to be aware of the variety of codes available when working with larger visual projects that require more precision in color selection.

With this knowledge in hand, let's move onto using online color pickers!

Using Online Color Pickers

Checking out the color scheme of a website is a breeze with online color pickers! They make it easy to get an idea of how a website looks and keep up with current color trends. Here are some advantages of using an online color picker:

  • It provides you with exact hex codes for the colors used on the website.
  • You can preview multiple shades and tones at once.
  • You can quickly compare different colors side by side.

If you're looking for more precise information about the webpage's color code, you'll need to inspect its source code - but that's a whole other topic!

Inspecting Website Code

Diving deeper into website design, you'll want to take a look at the code behind it all. It's a great way to find alternate solutions and research color formats. Learning how to inspect webpages can open up new possibilities for you.

You can use this information to help you find the exact color codes that have been used on a website. With some practice and dedication, you'll be able to easily locate the right codes for any given project. This opens up the possibility of quickly finding the colors your heart desires without relying on an online picker tool.

The next step is learning how to use browser developer tools, which will give you even more control over your inspection process!

Using Browser Developer Tools

Gaining a more detailed understanding of website design requires the use of browser developer tools, which can give you greater control over your inspection process. With these tools, you can test colors to find the exact color code you need for each element on the page and view source code to get an idea of what's going on behind the scenes.

Using browser developer tools allows you to:

  • View Source:
    • See how HTML is being used by developers to display content.
    • Access CSS information that dictates how a page looks in terms of styling and layout.
  • View Source:
    • See how HTML is being used by developers to display content.
    • Access CSS information that dictates how a page looks in terms of styling and layout.

This way, you have greater control when inspecting website code, so extracting information from third-party software becomes simpler.

Extracting Information from Third-Party Software

Unlock the secrets behind third-party software and explore its inner workings with ease! Whether you're searching for plugins to customize your website or analyzing a codebase, third-party software can provide helpful insights. |

Access to prebuilt featuresDependency on outside source
Compatible with multiple platformsSecurity risks from malicious code
Clear documentation and supportCost for premium versions of software

Using third-party tools is an effective way to save time and energy when creating a website. The extensive range of options available will give you the freedom to find the perfect solution for your project. Plus, it's easy to learn how to use these powerful tools effectively!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find the exact color I'm looking for?

You want the exact color you're looking for? Look for syntax highlighting tools and color palettes. They can help you find the perfect shade to add a touch of freedom to your project!

Is there a way to save the color code I find?

Yes! You can save the color code you find by adding it to a color library. This way, you'll have access to all your favorite colors whenever you need them!

Are there any free tools for finding website color codes?

Yes! You can find free tools online for finding website color codes. Whether you're looking for a matching color palette or just want to explore different hues, these tools make it easy to create the perfect look for your site. Unlock your creative potential and have fun finding colors with ease!

How do I find the color code for a specific image on a website?

You can find the color code for a specific image on a website by contextualizing colors and creating a color palette. Get creative and explore different approaches to boost your freedom!

Are there any tools that can identify multiple color codes on a website at once?

Yes! There are tools that can quickly identify multiple color codes on a website. Manual selection and visual recognition makes it easy to find the colors you need. Unlock your creativity with these powerful tools and experience the freedom of quick, accurate color selection.


Finding the color code of a website can be difficult, but it's not impossible with the right techniques. Using online color pickers, inspecting website code, and using browser developer tools are all great ways to identify the color codes used on websites. Third-party software can also extract helpful information.

With these tips, you won't have to wonder what colors make up your favorite website again! So go ahead and give them a try - you won't regret it!

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