How To Say No Plus Ones On Wedding Website? Find Out Here!

June 28, 2023
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Wedding planning can be stressful, especially when it comes to deciding who gets a plus one. You want to make sure that your special day is perfect and that you stick within budget, but you don't want to leave anyone out.

To help you navigate this tricky situation, here are some tips on how to say no plus ones on your wedding website. You'll learn why having a no plus ones policy may be necessary, how to communicate it on your website in a respectful way, and setting expectations with your guests so everyone is happy.

With these tips, you can make the most of your guest list without having any hard feelings!

Quick Essential Highlights

  • Clearly state the purpose of the 'no plus ones' policy on the wedding website.
  • Provide alternative options for guests who may want to bring a plus one.
  • Be respectful and empathetic when communicating the policy to guests.
  • Manage potential crowds by creating a list of invited guests and reminding them of the RSVP deadline.

Why Have a No Plus Ones Policy

If you're planning a wedding, it's important to consider having a 'no plus ones' policy - after all, why have the risk of unknown guests?

With limited seating and wedding costs already on the rise, there is no room for uninvited guests. Additionally, by not allowing plus ones, you can ensure that your guests feel comfortable attending even without a date or friend.

Having a ‘no plus ones' policy also ensures that everyone has equal access to the limited seating. To make sure your guests know this policy in advance and are on board with it, it's best to communicate it on your wedding website.

How to Communicate Your Policy on Your Website

It's important to clearly communicate your policy regarding extra guests on your special day - so everyone can feel included! Crafting a respectful and polite message is key to avoiding any misunderstandings.

Consider starting with a statement that outlines the main purpose of the rule, such as: “We're excited to be able to accommodate our closest friends and family at our wedding. To ensure we're able to stay within our budget, we ask that plus ones not be brought without prior approval.”

This way, you make it clear that while you understand people may want to bring someone along for support, that it is not possible in this situation.

Be sure to include an alternative option such as providing a list of nearby hotels or attractions if guests decide they would like someone else with them during their time in town for the wedding. This lets them know you still care about their experience even though they can't attend as part of your group.

By conveying your wishes in a manner that is both understanding and honest, you'll help keep things peaceful and stress-free on the big day!

Crafting a Respectful and Polite Message

When it comes to communicating your policy regarding extra guests, being respectful and polite is key to creating a pleasant atmosphere.

Acknowledging the feelings of your guests while enforcing boundaries can help ensure that everyone involved has a positive experience.

Letting them know that you understand their sentiment but are unable to accommodate their request for extra guests is important in keeping lines of communication open.

It also helps set expectations early on so there are no surprises later.

By expressing empathy and understanding, you can create an atmosphere where all parties feel respected and valued while also upholding your own standards.

Transitioning into setting expectations with your guests will help make sure that everyone knows what to expect when the wedding day arrives.

Setting Expectations with Your Guests

You need to be clear about expectations for your guests so everyone can have an enjoyable experience. Setting expectations up front is key in managing the potential crowds and creating a fun environment. Pre-emptive planning can help you make the most of your wedding website:

  1. Create a list of all your guests, including plus ones, to keep track of who's attending.
  2. Respectfully remind your guests that space is limited and only those invited are allowed to attend.
  3. Inform them that bringing uninvited plus ones won't be allowed, even if it's just one person.
  4. Reiterate that every guest must RSVP by the deadline you've set forth on the website.

By setting these expectations now, you can avoid any confusion or misunderstandings with your guests ahead of time and make sure your special day is stress-free and memorable for everyone involved! With this in mind, let's look at how to make the most of your guest list...

Making the Most of Your Guest List

Making the most of your guest list can be tricky, but with a bit of pre-planning, you can ensure everyone invited truly enjoys your special day.

This includes setting expectations for your guests and avoiding potential disappointments. By budgeting wisely, you can make sure that everyone gets to experience all the joys of attending a wedding without having to worry about unexpected costs like plus ones.

Decide ahead of time who will be able to bring a plus one and communicate this information clearly on your wedding website so that no one is surprised when they receive their invitation. Being upfront with what's expected helps ensure that everyone can plan accordingly and enjoy themselves at your celebration!

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if someone still shows up to the wedding with a plus one?

Gently explain the no-plus-one policy and apologize for not being able to make an exception. Offer to give them a tour of the venue if they'd like, or find another way to make them feel welcome. Dealing tactfully can help ensure everyone enjoys their time at your wedding.

Can I change my no plus ones policy once I've already communicated it?

You can acknowledge exceptions to the policy, while respecting everyone's boundaries. Make sure to communicate any changes clearly, and don't forget that your audience desires freedom!

Are there any special considerations for couples that live together?

If you and your partner live together, it's important to consider that when making a no plus ones policy for your wedding. The same goes for long-distance partners. Be aware of the unique situation each couple faces and be flexible accordingly. Give everyone the freedom they desire!

How can I make sure that my no plus ones policy is clear to all my guests?

Invite each guest personally and include a scripted response option for declining plus ones. Explain your no plus ones policy in a clear, friendly way that encourages freedom of choice.

How can I make sure that my no plus ones policy is equitable across all my guests?

Respect your guests' boundaries and enforce your policy consistently. Show them that you value their freedom and commitment to your event by treating all of them equally.


You understand the importance of limiting plus ones, and now you know how to communicate your policy clearly and politely on your wedding website.

Your guests should now be aware of what's expected of them and understand why you made the decision to limit plus ones.

With this clear communication, you can make the most out of your guest list by ensuring that only those who were invited are attending your special day.

You've taken the necessary steps to ensure that no one feels left out or unwelcome on your big day!

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