15 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Use Wix For Your Website

November 29, 2022
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15 Reasons To Avoid Using Wix For Your Website

Wix is a web development platform that allows users to easily build beautiful websites without needing to code anything themselves. But if you do decide to build your website using Wix, you'll find yourself with a poorly performing website that won't attract visitors.

Wix is known for its ease of use, but that means that you might end up with a poorly performing website. Also, Wix offers limited customization options, meaning that you won't be able to customize your website to fit your brand identity. Wix is known by many to be very costly, but that means that it can cost you a lot of money to build a website.

Here is a list of 15 major reasons for not using Wix for a website:

1. Wix Makes Website Creation 'Easy'

Wix makes it easy to create a website quickly and easily. However, if you don't know what you're doing, you might end up creating a website that performs poorly. There are many factors that affect how well a website performs, including its structure, usable content, functionality, usability, and SEO which are not good in Wix.

A great way to find out whether your website is performing well is by using Google Analytics. It's free and allows you to track every aspect of your website's performance.

You'll be able to identify which pages are getting the most traffic, where users come from, how long they stay on your site, and even what devices they're using.

2. Your Website Is Hosted By Wix

Wix is a proprietary content management system that allows users to build websites without any coding knowledge. However, if you do decide to move away from Wix, you won't be able to switch your hosting provider.

You may think that you can easily switch between platforms, but once you leave Wix, you'll lose access to their technical support, which means you'll need to hire a developer to fix any issues that arise.

This is where the cost comes in. A lot of agencies charge a monthly fee for hosting services, which makes it difficult for a small online business to afford them.

3. Wix Conceals Complexities

By hiding these complexities, you might feel like you're getting away with something, but it won't work out well for you in the long run. You need to be aware that Google doesn't pay any attention to how your website looks, so you shouldn't get too carried away with making it look fancy.

Wix is a great platform for creating beautiful websites, but it hides many of the complexities behind the scenes. While it's easy to get excited about designing a gorgeous website, it's important to remember that Google doesn't actually care about how your buttons look or whether your images are stunning.

4. Wix Is Not Free; In Fact, It May Be More Expensive Than You Think

You may think that Wix is free, but it isn't. In fact, it may actually cost you more than you realize. With the free plans, you have Wix branding displayed on your site, and there's a small Wix logo in the browser bar. However, if you want to do anything else, you'll need to upgrade to a premium plan. There are also many hidden charges that become the reason for expensive website

Premium accounts start from $4 per month to $24, and they go up from there. Head back to your brief and factor in what additional website functionality you'd like to include in your costs. So if you're thinking about using Wix, you should ask yourself whether it's worth the price tag.

5. You Can't Easily Migrate Your Wix Data Elsewhere

Wix is great for small businesses and individuals who want to build a simple legitimate business website quickly. However, if you ever decide that you want to upgrade your site, there isn't really any way to easily migrate your data elsewhere.

This means that if you ever decide that your current Wix website needs a major overhaul, you'll have to start from scratch. And since Wix doesn't support most of the features that you'd find on an excellent website builder, you won't be able to simply transfer your existing content structure to a new platform.

That's not ideal if you want to update your larger website regularly. So if you ever decide that it's time to upgrade your website, you might want to consider switching platforms instead of trying to port your engaging content over.

6. Unsatisfactory User Experience

Wix is a great option if you are new to website creation. However, if you are a seasoned pro at website creation, you'll probably find yourself frustrated with the lack of control and customization options available. they don't give an excellent user experience.

There are a ton of reasons why you shouldn't use Wix to build your non-unique website. First off, you won't be able to customize anything. You'll only be given pre-made templates that look generic and unprofessional.

You'll also lose brand recognition and unique identity because there are a lot of other websites created using the same templates.

7. Security And Speed

Wix and other web hosting sites that let you build your own personalized custom website are great if you want to save money. However, they come at a price. One of those prices is low security and slow speed.

Having a DIY website hosted on a shared server means that there are thousands of other websites sharing the same resources. This makes it harder for your website to load quickly and increases the risk of hacking.

A shared server is also less secure than a dedicated server. Hackers can easily access any data stored on the server, including personal information and credit card numbers.

8. Absence Of SEO

Wix doesn't provide any SEO benefits at all. So, if you want to rank high in search results, you should look elsewhere. There are plenty of options available for those who want to build a website without using Wix.

One of the most popular choices is WordPress.com. It's free, easy to use, and offers tons of customization options.

9. Cannot Perform Free Website SEO Audit

There are plenty of reasons why you shouldn't use Wix. One of those reasons is that you won't be able to perform a free website SEO audit. A website builder like Wix doesn't give you access to the source code, so you won't be able to find any problems with your site's SEO.

You'll also have trouble monitoring your website for potential SEO problems. Since Wix generates its sites on the fly, there's no way to view the source code and see if anything needs fixing.

10. Based On Flash

Wix is a website builder that allows mobile users to build beautiful websites without coding knowledge. However, most Wix websites are built using flash technology, which is a dead technology for creating web pages.

Flash-based website is terrible for SEO since their crawler doesn't index anything inside of them. Also, it's extremely slow loading and shouldn't be used for anything except animation and games.

A Wix website built using flash technology will be far superior to its non-flash competitors in terms of usability and search engine rankings.

11. Pages Are Limited

Wix doesn't offer any additional pages beyond the standard homepage. While this may seem great at first glance, it actually makes it harder for your visitors to find what they are looking for. Instead of being able to easily navigate through your website, they'll have to click around until they finally stumble upon the right page.

This means that fewer people will visit your website, and those that do won't stay long enough to convert. Having multiple pages allows you to provide more value to your visitors, giving them more reasons to come back and buy from you.

Having multiple pages gives you the opportunity to provide more value to visitors, making them more likely to return and purchase from you.

12. Optimization

Wix is great for creating websites quickly, but it doesn't give you the flexibility needed to optimize your site. As a result, you'll end up with a static website that isn't growing or evolving.

13. Website Advertisements

Wix offers a free website builder service that allows anyone to create a professional-looking website without any coding knowledge.

However, if you decide to use Wix, you'll find yourself bombarded with advertisements every time you visit the website. These ads are not only annoying, but they also decrease your website's conversion rates.

14. Using Wix Makes Your Brand Appear Unprofessional

You may think that using Wix makes your brand look professional, but it actually does the opposite. Using Wix makes your brand appear unprofessional. Why? Because Wix doesn't give you any control over your website's appearance.

For instance, if you want to change the color scheme of your site, you'll have to pay extra fees to Wix. And if you want to add a background photo, you'll have to hire a designer to do it for you.

Instead of paying extra fees to Wix, you should invest in a web hosting service that gives you total control over your custom website design. A web host allows you to customize your website's appearance without spending extra fees.

15. Bad Customer Support

Wix is a web hosting platform that allows desktop users to build websites without needing any technical knowledge. However, if you decide to use Wix, you'll find yourself dealing with bad customer service.

Customers who sign up for Wix usually expect great customer service, but instead, they receive poor service. Many complain about slow responses, lack of communication, and unhelpful staff members.


Wix is a great platform for creating websites, but it doesn't necessarily mean that you should use it to build your own site. There are plenty of reasons mentioned above why you shouldn't use Wix to build your website.

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