Best Startup Company Website Inspiration & Templates 2020

April 6, 2020
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Best Startup Company Website Inspiration & Templates 2020

The Ultimate Guide to Your Startup Website in 2020

2020's quarantine is a good opportunity to look into starting your own blog or e-commerce site.

Aside from saving lives, you could be getting more out of your own, becoming your own boss.

You have all that time on your hands- why not make use of that precious time you'd otherwise we spending at work or at school?

Not only is the lockdown a great opportunity for you to launch your own site and rake in a little extra cash, but it's a golden opportunity- people are going crazy with online shopping.

Blog traffic has skyrocketed, making ad revenue a surefire way to get in some extra cash.



Today, we've brought you the best startup templates for your startups' online site- these templates have been picked and reviewed by frequent internet users.

We presented the users with 20-40 different site designs, and asked them to rate them in terms of user-friendliness, how easy they were on the eye, ease of navigation, and cleanliness.

This is what we found.

Read on to grab the next template for your site- best of all: it's free! Or just scroll until you find the one you like best.


Starting Up Your Own Site - 3 STEPS

Here's the tea: starting up your own website really isn't hard. Why?

  • You don't need to know how to code
  • You don't need to pay any developers or designers
  • Most of the time- it's free! (or really cheap)


Here's the top (and only) 3 steps to success:

  1. Find yourself a host (plenty of free, effective options out there) and grab a cheap domain
  2. Get a neat website template to please your readers and display content clearly
  3. Write up your first post, add images, voila!


At the end of this page, we'll tell you the best beginner-friendly website hosts to use- but before you go, pick a template from our list!


Top 5 Website Design Templates and Inspiration for Startup Companies


Read on for our comprehensive guide to the best online website design templates to use for your website in 2020.



ColorLib Themes: Sierra

If your startup company is product-intensive, or if you're starting off with one main launch product, Sierra is highly effective at grabbing attention.

  • Free
  • Very simplistic, clean design
  • Showcases products
  • Easiest to Navigate
  • Great as a landing page for traffic in the pre-launch stage
  • Less room for product description
  • Very dynamic; images may appear different/unsupported on various devices


The theme is structurally simplistic; there aren't many elements bombarding the users and making the loading time long. This means that users will arrive on your landing page really quickly- and the huge image slider will capture their attention.

For this theme to have maximum impact, take good pictures of your product/line.

This theme even works for software, as you can have a slogan displayed across the page or even an image of your software application.


Download Link Here.





WordPress Theme: Specular

BlueHost is widely known and renowned for creating professional-looking, structured websites. This makes it great for your startup company, particularly is you provide services to customers rather than products.

  • Smooth, professional transition effects
  • Built-in sliders and parallax effects
  • Video backgrounds compatible
  • Icon and font packs inclusive
  • SEO-optimisation
  • Costs a fair bit
  • Knowledge of SEO needed to optimise your site's ranking


While Specular is a beautiful, interactive, and very clean theme, it does come at a cost.

If you are ready to make significant initial investments, then we highly recommend this theme due to the all-inclusive package, at a reasonable price.


Link for Theme Tour Here.



Yolt Money - App Inspiration

If you haven't heard of Yolt, you will soon. They're going crazy with the advertising right now- but before doing this, they made sure their app was perfect.

  • Clean (uniform) font style is chosen; maintained throughout the site
  • The logo is prominent to build an identity
  • Landing page instantly shows users what the app looks like
  • Catchy slogan; displayed right in front of us
  • Quick Links*
  • If you have a lot to write- don't use this style
  • Knowledge of SEO needed to optimise your site's ranking

If you're developing a mobile application, your website needs to be as simple as possible. The only aim of your website should be to direct people to the App Store, and your website needs to entice them to do so.

If you have a lot to write about your app, make an animated video- that's the best way to get your message across without bombarding users with a lot of text. Nowadays, seen by the rise of Instagram and TikTok, it's evident that people are more receptive to video and music, rather than text.

* Quick links are easy, in-your-face buttons which link to the App Store/Play Store. People who already know of the app will not want to rummage through menus and blocks of texts to find a download link- they'll just get bored.


Make sure your call of action is easily accessible.


Link Here.



ColorLib Themes: Violet

ColorLib are a great site for beginners of all types of sectors; whether you're a personal blogger, affiliate marketer, or a startup.

  • Free
  • Optimised for fashion and apparel stores
  • Dynamic; works great on all devices
  • Pre-built checkout page
  • Pre-built body pages (product, landing, dropdown menu)
  • Catalogue-style format
  • SEO knowledge required to optimise your content
  • Less responsive to moving images or transition effects (apart from sliders)


The Violet theme is especially optimised for online stores, where you have collections and lines in a catalogue format. A really effective feature of this theme is the upper banner, which is great for highlighting promotions or other points of sale.

A great way to use this is to advertise free shipping over a certain threshold, or a promotional code to unlock a discount.


Download Link Here.



Flowbase by WebFlow: Chomp

If you're a startup restaurant or any sort of food-related organisation, you want to focus your site on your services on offer.

  • Free
  • E-commerce functionality inclusive
  • Integrated SEO-Optimisation (no prior SEO knowledge required)
  • Modern, clean layout
  • Great for showcasing menus
  • Designed for image-heavy sites, rather than heavy text blocks
  • Highlights the logo and other key slogans and mission statements
  • Heavy impact on customers using minimal wording and headlines
  • Only 3 template pages- any other pages will have to be built from scratch
  • Entirely customisable- so knowledge of HTML is important to fully benefit from the theme


You should consider keeping your website minimalist and instead invest a bit more into the development of a mobile app. This is because most people today use their mobiles rather than browse on the web- take companies like UberEats or Deliveroo. Their websites are far more simplistic than their mobile apps, which holds the most functionality.

If however, you are a restaurant, a website-intensive approach is what you should be taking. People who arrive on your site because of social media, or even search you up on the web, will need to be able to learn about your company, what you serve, and even job vacancies.


Link to Chomp Theme Here.


Which Website Host Should I Use?

There are a number of great website hosts that can offer you all-inclusive packages for a cheap price, if not totally free. While these packages are very basic (won't include specialist features like included SEO-optimisation, or metatag incorporation, etc.), they are great for beginners.

Bear in mind, however, that many of these packages will need to be upgraded sooner or later when you commercialise or advertise your site content.

For example, most free packages don't come with a bespoke domain- you'll have to buy this yourself, and is vital in giving your site a professional look.

We recommend three different website host package providers, based on their cost-effectiveness, user-friendliness, and variety/quality of features: Beginner Friendly

Wix is the best platform to use for beginners. It's great for starting up, making graphics, learning how to manage inventory, and more.

We recommend Wix for all kinds of startups, whether you're a blogger or an organisation.

However, Wix can get really expensive later on, when you upgrade.

As you slowly increasing traffic to the site, consider connecting a domain to Wix. They often run promotional offers throughout the year on certain packages and offer a domain free. Even if you separately purchase one, you still need to upgrade to be able to link it.

If you don't want to spend much money initially, go for the other options, like Weebly or Moonfruit.


WordPress - Great for Progression

WordPress is the most widely known platform for blogging.

If you're familiar with HTML, WordPress will give you an even better experience. WordPress offers a basic range of themes, fonts, and structures for your online site- you upgrade if you want anything else.

Understanding HTML will allow you to make even the simplest of pages look more structured and professional.

WordPress allows you to use plug-ins to help develop your site aesthetically as well as in terms of functionality.


Shopify - For E-Commerce

You may think that the sites we've recommended are for beginners, but there are many renowned online stores such as Boohoo or Morphe Cosmetics who either began or still use, Shopify as their platform.

Shopify gives users a 14-day free trial to get a hang of how the platform is to use, but after that, you have to pay a subscription fee.

Within this fee, you are able to use thousands of applications and plugins to help build, manage, and enhance your store. You can make use of inventory managers, live chat systems, survey systems, page builders, and other additions to make your site look professional.

It's an excellent place for beginners to start their e-commerce stores, and stick with throughout their venture.

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